Pierluigi Giombini

Pierluigi Giombini has composed and arranged various hit records from the 1980’s such as “Masterpiece” and “I Like Chopin” for Gazebo and “Dolce Vita” for Ryan Paris, which have become “evergreens”.

Pierluigi Giombini was born in Rome, in a family of musicians.

His father, Marcello Giombini, was a composer of numerous movie soundtracks, and sacred music. His grandfather, Arnaldo Giombini, was an oboe professor in the National Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, in Rome.

Pierluigi Giombini, being a great admirer of Keith Emerson, and of Wendy Carlos for her wonderful renditions of J.S. Bach, enthusiastically began to study and create new sounds with analog synthesizers, such as the Minimoog, Oberheim OB-Xa and OB-8, which he used to arrange and produce his hit records.

During his career spanning decades, various productions of Pierluigi Giombini have been on the top record sales charts worldwide amounting to over twelve million copies sold.